Development of advanced products for the SEOSAT/Ingenio mission

N. Sabater, A. Ruiz-Verdú, J. Delegido, R. Fernández-Beltrán, P. Latorre-Carmona, F. Pla, M. González-Audícana, J. Álvarez-Mozos, I. Sola, G. Villa, J. A. Tejeiro, E. de Miguel, M. Jimenez, S. Molina, J. Moreno. 2016. Development of advanced products for the SEOSAT/Ingenio mission. Revista de Teledetección 47, 23-40, DOI: 10.4995/raet.2016.6569

SEOSAT/Ingenio is the future Spanish Earth Observation high spatial resolution mission in the optical domain. While Level 1 products, at-sensor geo-referenced radiances, are in an advanced phase of development under the framework of an industrial contractor, Level 2 products must be developed by the users. This fact limits the use of the satellite images only to the scientific community, restricting their use in other applications. The need to alleviate this limitation motivated this work, developed under the framework of a coordinate project, which aimed at offering a list of Level2 products to the Ingenio/SEOSAT user community. In this paper, we present the different methodologies developed to produce the proposed Level2 products, from surface reflectance at nominal sensor spatial resolution to images with higher spatial resolution or the possibility to create spatial and temporal mosaics. On the one side, for the surface reflectance product, we proposed an atmospheric correction algorithm based on using the spatial information, linked to a cloud screening algorithm and including morphological and topographic shadow corrections. On the other side, to enhance the image spatial resolution, we applied different fusion techniques using the multispectral and the panchromatic band, as well as some of the so-called «super-resolution» techniques. Finally, we provided different tools to develop spatial mosaics and temporal composites, directed to users interested on the exploitation of the Ingenio/SEOSAT images.

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