Frontier Research in Astrophysics: The State of Art

Giovannelli, F., Sabau Graziati, L. 2016. Frontier Research in Astrophysics: the State of Art. IV Workshop on RObotic Autonomous Observatories, Revista Mexicana de Astronomia y Astrofisica-Serie de Conferencias 48

This article is a summary of the updated version of the review article «The impact of the space experiments on our knowledge of the physics of the Universe» (Giovannelli & Sabau-Graziati, 2004) and subsequent updating (Giovannelli & Sabau-Graziati, 2012a, 2015a). We will go along different stages of the evolution of our Universe discussing briefly several examples of results that, in accordance with our opinion, are the pillars carrying the Bridge between the Big Bang and Biology. A part significant of these results come from great experiments in Earth or from space. Similarly, small experiments on Earth or in space have provided – and will provide significant results. Due to the limited extension of this work and according-to-our-knowledge, we have made a strict selection of the topics.

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