Sulfur Chemistry in L1157-B1

Holdship, J., Jiménez Serra, I., Viti, S., Codella, C., Benedettini, M., Fontani, F., Tafalla, M., Bachiller, R., Ceccarelli, C., Podio, L. 2019. Sulfur Chemistry in L1157-B1. Astrophysical Journal 878, 1 DOI: 10.3847/1538-4357/ab1cb5

The main carrier of sulfur in dense clouds, where it is depleted from the gas phase, remains a mystery. Shock waves in young molecular outflows disrupt the ice mantles and allow us to directly probe the material that is ejected into the gas phase. A comprehensive study of sulfur-bearing species toward L1157-B1, a shocked region along a protostellar outflow, has been carried out as part of the IRAM-30 m large program ASAI. The data set contains over 100 lines of CCS, H2CS, OCS, SO, SO2, and isotopologues. The results of these observations are presented, complementing previous studies of sulfur-bearing species in the region. The column densities and fractional abundances of these species are measured and together these species account for 10% of the cosmic sulfur abundance in the region. The gas properties derived from the observations are also presented, demonstrating that sulfur bearing species trace a wide range of different gas conditions in the region.

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