L. J. Bonales,J.M. Elorrieta,C. Menor-Salván, J. Cobos. 2016. The behavior of unirradiated UO2 and uraninite under repository conditions characterized by Raman. MRS Advances 1, 62, 4157-4162, DOI: 10.1557/adv.2017.203

Raman spectroscopy studies have been performed on one hand to identify different materials related to spent nuclear fuel (SNF), and on the other hand to study the behavior of SNF at different storage conditions. Specifically, the expected oxidation of the SNF matrix under dry storage conditions and the formation of secondary phases (SP), as a result of corrosion of SNF in a deep geological repository, have been studied. In order to perform these experiments, two protocols based on the Raman spectroscopy technique have been developed. The results show U4O9/U3O7 and U3O8 as oxidation products of UO2 powder at high temperatures in air, and the secondary phase formation (rutherfordine, UO2(CO3), soddyite, (UO2)(2)SiO4 center dot 2H(2)O, uranophane alpha Ca(UO2)(2)(SiO3OH)(2)center dot 5H(2)O and kasolite, PbUO2SiO4 center dot H2O), due to uraninite corrosion under the conditions of Sierra Albarrana (Spain).