The peculiar chemistry of the inner ejecta of Eta Carina

Bordiu, C., Rizzo, J. R. 2019. The peculiar chemistry of the inner ejecta of Eta Carina. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 490, 2, 1570-1580 DOI: 10.1093/mnras/stz2621

We investigated continuum and molecular line emission of four species (CO, HCN, (HCN)-C-13, and HCO+) at 0.8 mm in the inner region around eta Car, using ALMA archival observations at a resolution better than 0.2 arcsec. We report the discovery of an asymmetric extended structure north-west of the star, independent from the continuum point source. The structure is only traced by continuum and HCO+, and not detected in the other lines. Kinematics of this structure reveal that the HCO+ gas likely arises from ejecta expelled in the 1890s eruption. The ejecta is propagating outwards within the cavity produced by the current wind-wind interaction of eta Car A and its companion. Chemical analysis of the ejecta reveals an apparent lack of CO and nitrogen-bearing species. We explore possible explanations for this peculiar chemistry, that differentiates this structure from the ejecta of the Great Eruption, rich in HCN and (HCN)-C-13. We also report an absorption component near the continuum point source, only traced by HCN and (HCN)-C-13 in their vibrational-ground and vibrationally excited states. This absorbing gas is attributed to a hot bullet of N-enriched material expelled at a projected velocity of 40 km s(-1).

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