The warm molecular hydrogen of PKS B1718-649 Feeding a newly born radio AGN

Maccagni, F. M., Santoro, F., Morganti, R., Oosterloo, T. A., Oonk, J. B. R., Emonts, B. H. C. 2016. The warm molecular hydrogen of PKS B1718-649 Feeding a newly born radio AGN. Astronomy and Astrophysics 588, DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361/201528016

We present new SINFONI VLT observations of molecular hydrogen (H-2) in the central regions (<2.5 kpc) of the youngest and closest radio source PKS B1718-649. We study the distribution of the H-2 traced by the 1-0 S(1) ro-vibrational line, revealing a double disk structure with the kinematics of both disks characterised by rotation. An outer disk (r > 650 pc) is aligned with other components of the galaxy (atomic hydrogen, stars, dust), while the inner disk (r < 600 pc) is perpendicular to it and is polar with respect to the stellar distribution. However, in the innermost 75 pc, the data show the presence of H-2 gas redshifted with respect to the rotating inner disk (Delta nu similar to +150 km s(-1)), which may trace gas falling into the super massive black hole associated with the central radio source. Along the same line of sight, earlier observations had shown the presence in the central regions of PKS B1718-649 of clouds of atomic hydrogen with similar unsettled kinematics. The range of velocities and mass of these unsettled clouds of HI and H-2 suggest they may be actively contributing to fuelling the central newly born radio source.

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