Tidal Interaction between the UX Tauri A/C Disk System Revealed by ALMA

Zapata, L. A., Rodríguez, L. F., Fernández López, M., Palau, A., Estalella, R., Osorio, M., Anglada, G., Huelamo, N. (2020). Tidal Interaction between the UX Tauri A/C Disk System Revealed by ALMA. Astrophysical Journal, 896, 2 DOI: 10.3847/1538-4357/ab8fac

We present sensitive and high angular-resolution (similar to 02-03) (sub)millimeter (230 and 345 GHz) continuum and CO(2-1)/CO(3-2) line archive observations of the disk star system in UX Tauri carried out with the Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array. These observations reveal the gas and dusty disk surrounding the young star UX Tauri A with a large signal-to-noise ratio (>400 in the continuum and >50 in the line), and for the first time we detect the molecular gas emission associated with the disk of UX Tauri C (with a size for the disk of <56 au). No (sub)millimeter continuum emission is detected at the 5 sigma level (0.2 mJy at 0.85 mm) associated with UX Tauri C. For the component UX Tauri C, we estimate a dust disk mass of <= 0.05M(circle plus). Additionally, we report a strong tidal disk interaction between both disks, UX Tauri A/C, separated 360 au in projected distance. The CO line observations reveal marked spiral arms in the disk of UX Tauri A and an extended redshifted stream of gas associated with the UX Tauri C disk. No spiral arms are observed in the dust continuum emission of UX Tauri A. Assuming a Keplerian rotation we estimate the enclosed masses (disk+star) from their radial velocities in 1.4 0.6Mfor UX Tauri A, and 70 30/siniJupiter masses for UX Tauri C (the latter coincides with the mass upper limit value for a brown dwarf). The observational evidence presented here lead us to propose that UX Tauri C has a close approach of a possible wide, evolving, and eccentric orbit around the disk of UX Tauri A, causing the formation of spiral arms and a stream of molecular gas falling toward UX Tauri C.

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