Vortex dynamics controlled by local superconducting enhancement

Rollano, V., Gómez, A., Muñoz Noval, A., Del Valle, J., Menghini, M., De Ory, M. C., Prieto, J. L., Navarro, E., González, E. M., Vicent, J. L. 2019. Vortex dynamics controlled by local superconducting enhancement. New Journal of Physics 21, 11 DOI: 10.1088/1367-2630/ab5994

A controlled local enhancement of superconductivity yields unexpected modifications in the vortex dynamics. This local enhancement has been achieved by designing an array of superconducting Nb nanostructures embedded in a V superconducting film. The most remarkable findings are: (i) vanishing of the main commensurability effect between the vortex lattice and the array unit cell, (ii) hysteretic behavior in the vortex dynamics, (iii) broadening of the vortex liquid phase and (iv) strong softening of the vortex lattice. These effects can be controlled and they can be quenched by reducing the Nb array superconducting performance applying an in-plane magnetic field. These results can be explained by taking into account the repulsive potential landscape created by the superconducting Nb nanostructures on which vortices move.

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