VOSA: A VO Spectral Energy Distribution Analyzer

Rodrigo, C., Bayo, A., Solano, E. 2017. VOSA: A VO Spectral Energy Distribution Analyzer. Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXV, 25th Annual Conference on Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems.

VOSA (VO Sed Analyzer)1 is a public web-tool developed by the Spanish Virtual Observatory(2) and designed to help users to (1) build Spectral Energy Distributions (SEDs) combining private photometric measurements with data available in VO services, (2) obtain relevant properties of these objects (distance, extinction, etc) from VO catalogs, (3) analyze them comparing observed photometry with synthetic photometry from different collections of theoretical models or observational templates, using different techniques (chi-square fit, Bayesian analysis) to estimate physical parameters of the observed objects (teff, logg, metallicity, stellar radius/distance ratio, infrared excess, etc), and use these results to (4) estimate masses and ages via interpolation of collections of isochrones and evolutionary tracks from the VO. In particular, VOSA offers the advantage of deriving physical parameters using all the available photometric information instead of a restricted subset of colors. The results can be downloaded in different formats or sent to other VO tools using SAMP.

We have upgraded VOSA to provide access to Gaia photometry and give a homogeneous estimation of the physical parameters of thousands of objects at a time. This upgrade has required the implementation of a new computation paradigm, including a distributed environment, the capability of submitting and processing jobs in an asynchronous way, the use of parallelized computing to speed up processes (similar to ten times faster) and a new design of the web interface.

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