Wavelength calibration of the JWST-MIRI medium resolution spectrometer

J. R. Martinez-Galarza, A. M. Glauser, A. Hernan-Caballero, R. Azzollini, A. Glasse, S. Kendrew, B. Brandl, F. Lahuis. 2010. Wavelength calibration of the JWST-MIRI medium resolution spectrometer. SPIE Proceedings 7731, https://doi.org/10.1117/12.856840

We present the wavelength and spectral resolution characterisation of the Integral Field Unit (IFU) Medium Resolution Spectrometer for the Mid-InfraRed Instrument (MIRI), to fly onboard the James Webb Space Telescope in 2014. We use data collected using the Verification Model of the instrument and develop an empirical method to calibrate properties such as wavelength range and resolving power in a portion of the spectrometer’s full spectral range (5-28 μm). We test our results against optical models to verify the system requirements and combine them with a study of the fringing pattern in the instrument’s detector to provide a more accurate calibration. We show that MIRI’s IFU spectrometer will be able to produce spectra with a resolving power above R = 2800 in the wavelength range 6.46 – 7.70 μm, and that the unresolved spectral lines are well fitted by a Gaussian profile.

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