Wind flow investigation over an aircraft carrier deck by PIV

Bardera, R., Barcala Montejano, M. A., Rodríguez Sevillano, A. A., León Calero, M. 2019. Wind flow investigation over an aircraft carrier deck by PIV. Ocean Engineering 178, 476-483 DOI: 10.1016/j.oceaneng.2019.03.020

An aircraft carrier is characterized by a superstructure where different systems are installed. This configuration is similar to a set of bluff bodies with sharp edges where massive flow separation appears in the wake. Depending on the wind-over deck (WOD) conditions, the flow field changes dramatically. Hence, aircraft performances are affected due to the adverse aerodynamic effects generated. Flight envelopes are needed to determine aircraft operating range. In situ measurements are costly and time-consuming. Numerical simulations are providing some solutions to this problem. However, they have to be validated by matching simulation results to those from experimental measurements. In the present paper, the study of the flow configuration at different wind angles has been conducted. Particle image velocimetry technique was used to obtain flow information due to the accurate results provided. Non-dimensional velocity and turbulence maps are presented in order to provide flow field characterization.

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