Extremophiles – interdisciplinary approach in astrobiology research

Extremophiles are the organisms on Earth with unique features for survival, and exactly these organisms we are researching to stress the importance of using them in science. They are organisms with which we can combine many disciplines and create new technologies for a better future in science and space! Modern technologies often resemble scenes from sci-fiction movies. By combining many scientific fields, we can form interdisciplinary teams focused on improving more and more new tools in the protection of our planet and space exploration. During the presentation, I will present extremophiles, from different environmental conditions, on which I am focusing my research. It is these organisms that provide us with valuable substances that we use in biotechnology, medicine, materials, and chemical engineering. Moreover, the knowledge about extreme environments and extremophiles can bring us closer to discover biosignatures on other planets and exoplanets. Using innovative solutions, we can create a completely new approach in many disciplines, including astrobiology.