Massive Star Formation

Massive stars have a profound impact on many fields of astrophysics from their birth to their death. However, their formation remains poorly understood and there is still no consensus on the mechanism by which they form. The latest results indicate that high-mass protostars might be born in a similar way as their low-mass counterparts, i.e., through disc accretion and jet ejection. In this talk, I will describe the process of star formation for both the low- and high-mass regime highlighting the main differences between them. I will briefly introduce the main models seeking to explain how massive protostars are formed. Then, since high-mass protostars are deeeply embedded in their parent cloud hindering the immediate environment, I will focus on the role of massive protostellar jets from an observational point of view. Finally, I will show the latest results on the kinematic and dynamic properties of massive protostellar jets.