Unveiling the early stages of planet formation

Recent observing campaigns have revealed a great diversity in exoplanetary systems whose origin is yet to be understood. How and when planets form, and how they evolve and interact with their birth environment, the protoplanetary disks, are major open questions. Protoplanetary disks evolve and dissipate rapidly while planets are forming, implying a direct feedback between the processes of planet formation and disk evolution. These mechanisms leave clear imprints on the disk structure that can be directly observed. In the past few years, high-resolution observations of protoplanetary disks obtained in the infrared scattered light and in the millimeter regime have led to exquisite images and shown that small scale structures are ubiquitous in protoplanetary disks, and could result from the dynamical interaction with embedded planets. I will present recent observational results on protoplanetary disks, that allow to probe the disk structure and the dynamics of solids, and in particular, in the so far unique system that hosts two directly imaged protoplanets. I will conclude on the exciting perspectives in the field of planet formation, driven by the development of new instrumentation.

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