Upcoming opportunities for massive Milky Way, extragalactic and cosmological explorations with WHT/WEAVE

The William Herschel telescope on ORM is starting science observations with WEAVE, the WHT new multi-fibre spectroscopic facility. Science verification programmes are starting for the LIFU mode, while the multi-object mode is being commissioned. This will be followed by the start of WEAVE science observations in October 2023. Observations will have two components. Open time access is guaranteed via the ING national time-allocation committees, as well as via the international time programme of the Canarian Observatories. The main component will be a set of eight surveys, covering topics as diverse as Milky Way archaeology, galaxy evolution and white-dwarf physics. The seminar will highlight the science opportunities afforded to the Spanish community. In addition, an update of the installation of HARPS-3 on the INT will be given: we expect a fully refurbished INT, equipped with the third incarnation of the successful HARPS spectrograph, to become available to the community in late 2024.