The first massive galaxies formed in the Universe: selection and characterization of optically faint, infrared-bright galaxies in the first 2 Gyr of the Universe

Belén Alcalde Pampliega

Departamento de Astrofísica

Año 2020

The ultimate goal in galaxy studies is having a complete picture of galaxy formation and evolution across the history of the Universe. A robust determination of the abundance of massive (an even quiescent) galaxies at high redshift is essential to constrain current models of galaxy formation and alleviate the tension between existing models and observations.

In this context, this Ph.D. Thesis addresses the challenge of studying the build-up of massive galaxies adding a new population of optically faint Balmer Break Galaxies (BBGs), which are bright at longer wavelengths, to the general population of massive galaxies at > 3.

Datos de interés

Supervisores: Pablo G. Pérez González, Guillermo Barro Calvo
Universidad: UCM; Centro de Astrobiología
Fecha de lectura: 28/07/2020