GALANTE: Photometric System and Galactic Plane Survey

Antonio Lorenzo Gutiérrez

Departamento de Astrofísica

Año 2019

GALANTE project has the goal to observe the Northern Hemisphere, 6 degrees wide, in the optical range. To reach this goal, 7 photometric bands have been selected to obtain the most complete information about the stellar physical variables. The new photometric system GALANTE has been designed using 4 J-PLUS bands in addition with 3 home-made filters. In this thesis, we present the characterization of the GALANTE photometric system and transformation equations derived from synthetic photometry adopting the observational library of the NGSL. With the support of the theoretical catalogues of Kurucz, Coelho, TLUSTY and KOESTER, we elaborate an algorithm called MASTER which uses the GALANTE colours to derive the physical stellar parameters. We apply MASTER to the NGSL as a test of this methodology before applying it to our observations. We also develope a pipeline using aperture photometry to obtain the first GALANTE catalogue from the observational region to study in this work, Cygnus OB2. After we derive the physical parameters of each star in our catalogue, we compare with spectroscopic and photometric catalogues from literature, obtaining nobel results in this region.

Datos de interés

Supervisores: Prof. Emilio J. Alfaro, Prof. Jesús Maíz Apellániz
Universidad: Universidad de Granada, Radioastronomy and galactic structure department, IAA-CSIC; Centro de Astrobiología
Fecha de lectura: 17/12/2019