Planetary Geology

Coordinación de la línea: Olga Prieto Ballesteros

Planetary Geology is the study of solid surface planetary objects in the Universe, including Earth. Specifically, this scientific discipline investigates the composition, structure and processes and agents by which planets, satellites, comets, asteroids and meteorites evolve since its formation. These issues are crucial in determining the habitability of planetary environments, and basically outline the main objectives of this research area at CAB: 1) participation in planetary exploration missions, 2) determination of the influence of the geology on extreme paleo-, and current terrestrial environments analogous to those developed on other planets, 3) the characterization of planetary material regarding habitability, and 4) understanding the geological processes that affects the evolution of the planets and natural satellites. The close relationship with other fields of astrobiology, which arises naturally during the approach to these problems, is well reflected in the activities that were carried out during 2012.

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The answer to questions about life and its origin come from the combined efforts of many disciplines

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The science developed in the CAB is channeled through interdepartmental research lines


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