Phd in astrophysics since 2005, since them, I have worked in different institutions: University of Florida (USA), University of Hertfordshire (UK), Centro de Astrobiología (Madrid, España), University of Suffolk (Madrid, España) y Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid, España).

Currently, I am senior staff researcher at Centro de Astrobiología.

I have developed my research in the study of cool stellar objects, single or with stellar or sub-stellar companions. In recent years, my research has been focused on the identification and study of brown dwarfs and exoplanets, participating in projects related to these subjects.

At CAB, I collaborate with the VO team, Web:, and with the research team of the project “Search and characterization of exoplanets and their host stars”.


Key wordsCool stars, brown dwarfs, exoplanets, multiplicity, stellar activity, spectroscopy, VO


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