She did her PhD at the MPE-Garching, on the topic of X-ray emission from young binary systems. Afterwards, she moved to Chile and worked as a support astronomer at the Very Large Telescope (VLT) with infrared instruments and adaptive optics. After one year at the ‘Observatorio de Lisboa’, she moved to the CAB with a ‘Juan de la Cierva’ contract. She has worked on projects related with star formation in nearby clusters, and the detection of planets around young stars. Currently, she is Research Scientist at the CAB, and she is focused on observational projects related with the earliest stages in planet and brown dwarf formation.

ORCID: 0000-0002-2711-8143

Key wordsYoung planets, brown dwarfs, protoplanetary disks


Planet crossing the disc of its star. Using the technique of planetary transits, the properties of the atmospheres can be studied.


European collaboration focused on the study of exoplanet spectra, and in particular on the optimisation of those produced by observations with space telescopes such as HST, Spitzer and JWST.


ESA’s M3 mission to search for and characterise Earth-like planets around Sun-like stars

The KOBE experiment

Looking for habitable-zone exoplanets around late-type K-dwarfs