Guillermo M. Muñoz Caro graduated in Particle Physics at Utrecht University and obtained his PhD in Astrophysics at Leiden University (The Netherlands) in 2003. He is coordinator of the Group ‘Interstellar and Circumstellar Medium’ and the Laboratory for the Simulation of Interstellar and Planetary Environments, both at CAB. He was the principal investigator of the ‘Cosmic Dust Network’ composed of 4 Spanish institutions (IEM-CSIC, UPV-Alcoy, IAA-Granada and CAB). His research is dedicated to physico-chemical ice processes in space, leading to the formation of organic species of astrobiological interest, and organics in interplanetary dust, comets and meteorites, which could have triggered prebiotic chemistry on Earth. He gained international recognition with the first synthesis of amino acids under simulated ice conditions in space. This line of research is continued at CAB using ISAC, an ultra-high vacuum system for the study of astrophysical ice processes. He participated as co-I in the Rosetta mission that led to the first in situ detection of organic molecules on a cometary surface. He is now involved in the preparation of the JUICE mission to explore the Jovian icy moons. In 2020, he has published more than 80 reviewed articles in astrophysical journals, Nature, Science, PNAS, Phys. Rev. Lett., Life and Chem. Soc. Rev., with over 8000 citations (Google Scholar, considers participation in Martian Rover missions) and over 3200 citations (WoS, considers only astrochemistry papers with a short authors list). He is advisor of scientific proposals submitted to EU (ERC), France (ANR), Germany (DFG), UK (STFC and NERC), USA (NASA), etc.

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ORCID: 0000-0001-7003-7368

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Key wordsLaboratory Astrochemistry, astrophysical ice processes, interstellar medium, organic matter in space, comets, spectroscopy