A starburst region around l=347 degrees-350 degrees

Marco, A., Negueruela, I., Monguio, M., González Fernández, C., Apellaniz, J. M., Dorda, R., Clark, J. S. 2017. A starburst region around l=347 degrees-350 degrees. Formation, Evolution and Survival of Massive Star Clusters, 316th Symposium of the International-Astronomical-Union (IAU), IAU Symposium Proceedings Series, 12, 316, 165-166, DOI: 10.1017/S1743921316008747

Very recently, a number of obscured massive open clusters have been identified in the Milky Way. A very significant fraction of them lie either close to the base of the Scutum Arm or towards Galactic longitude of 350 degrees. We are studying these clusters and their neighbourhoods, finding very good evidence for a major starburst region close to the near tip of the Galactic Long Bar.

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