Bardera, R., Barcala Montejano, M. A., Rodríguez Sevillano, A. A., León Calero, M. 2019. Conical vortices investigation and mitigation over the ski-jump ramp of an aircraft carrier by PIV. Ocean Engineering 173, 672-676 DOI: 10.1016/j.oceaneng.2019.01.032

An aircraft carrier is characterized by a combination of bluff bodies with sharp edges. The most notable effect of a three-dimensional bluff body flow is the usual presence of a complex vortex system in the wake that could affect the aircraft operation. Conical vortex with high intensity is expected to appear at Wind Over Deck different to 0 degrees (WOD not equal 0 degrees). Hence, experimental tests at WOD = +/- 15 degrees have been developed to study these adverse effects which might influence the aircraft performances during landing and take-off operations.

Columnar vortex generators (CVG) have been installed in the ski-jump ramp with the aim to mitigate the vortices generated. This device is an appropriate choice considering earlier investigation reported by different authors (Landman et al., 2005; Nangia and Lumsden, 2004). Interesting results were obtained with a CVG 15 mm spiral parameter and reduced angle between the CVG and the ski jump ramp floor where all three CVG’s were of different lengths depending on their positions. Wind tunnel tests measurements by means of particle image velocimetry has been performed to study each configuration. Encouraging results were obtained to mitigate the conical vortices generated at this condition.