Herschel spectroscopic observations of PPNe and PNe

García Lario, P., Ramos Medina, J., Sánchez Contreras, C. 2017. Herschel spectroscopic observations of PPNe and PNe. Planetary Nebulae: Multi Wavelenght Probes of Stellar and Galactic Evolution 12, 331-332, 323RD Symposium of the International-Astronomical-Union (IAU), DOI: 10.1017/S1743921317000710

We are building a catalogue of interactively reprocessed observations of evolved stars observed with Herschel. The catalogue will offer not only the PACS and SPIRE spectroscopic data for each observation, but also complementary information from other infrared space observatories. As a first step, we are concentrating our efforts on two main activities: 1) the interactive data-reduction of more than 500 individual spectra obtained with PACS in the 55-210 mu m range, available in the Herschel Science Archive; 2) the creation of a catalogue, accesible via a web-based interface and through the Virtual Observatory. Our ultimate goal is to carry out a comprehensive and systematic study of the far infrared properties of low-and intermediate-mass evolved stars using these data and enable science based on Herschel archival data. The objects cover the whole range of possible evolutionary stages in this short-lived phase of stellar evolution, from the AGB to the PN stage, displaying a wide variety of chemical and physical properties.

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