Layer-dependence of macroscopic and atomic magnetic correlations in Co/Pd multilayers

Soriano, N., Mora, B., Rollano, V., Gargiani, P., Quiros, C., Galvez, F., Redondo, C., Del Valle, J., Montoya, I., Gómez, A., González, E. M., Navarro, E., Vélez, M., Alameda, J. M., Valvidares, M., Vicent, J. L., Morales, R. (2020). Layer-dependence of macroscopic and atomic magnetic correlations in Co/Pd multilayers. AIP Advances, 10, 6 DOI: 10.1063/5.0010066

The development of multilayered materials with engineered magnetic properties compels a deep knowledge of physical properties at the atomic scale. The magnetic anisotropy is a key property in these materials. This work accounts for the magnetic anisotropy energy and its correlation with atomic properties of Co/Pd multilayers with the number of Co/Pd repetitions. Magnetometry measurements confirm stronger perpendicular magnetic anisotropy energies as the number of repetitions increases up to 40. However, the intrinsic anisotropy, related to the Co-Pd orbital hybridization and spin-orbit coupling, saturates at 15 repetitions. This finding is supported by x-ray magnetic circular dichroism analysis that reveals a direct correlation of the atomic Co and Pd orbital magnetic moments and the effective anisotropy of the system. The proximity effect that accounts for the Pd induced magnetization, along with the increasing Co moment, provides a suitable mechanism for the observed anisotropy energy layer dependence.

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