Prospects for Brown Dwarfs in the Era of Exoplanets

The search and characterization of Exoplanets is one of the main research topics highlighted by the Decadal Survey in Astronomy and Astrophysics 2020, and by the ASTRONET Strategic Plan for European Astronomy for the next decades. In this context, the study of Brown Dwarfs, their isolated counterparts, seems to be sidelined in the astronomical community by the study of Exoplanets.

In this talk I will discuss how the characterization of Brown Dwarfs atmospheres can provide useful insights in the characterization of Exoplanets, given their similar effective temperatures, colors and even masses, due to their higher signal-to-noise and their technical easier observability. In particular, I will discuss how the study of clouds in Brown Dwarfs will help constraining the cloud content and distribution in Exoplanets.

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