Gas Clathrate Hydrates under extreme conditions

Fernando Izquierdo Ruiz

Planetology and Habitability Department

Year 2018

Clatratos hidratos de gas en condiciones extremas

This document contains a scientific report resulting from more than four years of theoretical and experimental research on a particular kind of physico- chemical systems called gas clathrate hydrates. These systems are inclusion compounds constituted by a three dimensional water framework hosting gas molecules with low dipolar moments in its cavities. Gas clathrate hydrates are very important in a great variety of scientific fields related to life sciences or planetology, and they are also considered as a main natural resource for the en- ergy industry. Usually, gas clathrate hydrates need high pressure and low tem- perature to be thermodynamically stable. Depending on these conditions, dif- ferent phases have been detected being the most common ones the cubic struc- tures sI and sII, the hexagonal sH, and the orthorhombic Filled Ice Structure (FIS). Our study has substantially advanced in the knowledge of the behavior of methane and carbon dioxide clathrate hydrates under different pressure and temperature conditions. In particular, we have contributed to: (i) the determ- ination and understanding of stability thermodynamic regions, (ii) the charac- terization of a controversial high-pressure structure, and (iii) setting up a new experimental equipment for Raman measurements in a pressure range up to 1 GPa […]

Este documento contiene el informe científico resultante después de más de cuatro años de investigación teórica y experimental sobre un tipo particular de sistemas físico-químicos llamados clatratos hidratos de gas. Estos sistemas son compuestos de inclusión constituidos por un armazón tridimensional de agua que aloja en sus cavidades moléculas de gas con momentos dipolares bajos. Los clatratos hidratos de gas son muy importantes en una gran variedad de campos científicos relacionados con las ciencias de la vida o la planetología, y también se consideran como uno de los principales recursos naturales para la industria energética. Por lo general, los clatratos hidratos de gas necesitan alta presión y baja temperatura para ser termodinámicamente estables […]

Tesis Doctoral con Mención Internacional
Tesis Doctoral en Cotutela con la Université Pierre et Marie Curie

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Supervisors: Julia Contreras García, José Manuel Recio Muñiz, Olga Prieto Ballesteros (CAB)
University: Universidad de Oviedo; Sorbonne Université; Centro de Astrobiología
Reading date: 04/07/2018