Interplay between evolved massive stars and their circumstellar medium : a (SUB) millimetre view of luminous blue variable mass loss

Massive stars play a significant role in the shaping and evolution of the Galaxy. Their stellar winds and strong UV fields continuously alter the structure, dynamics and chemical composition of the surrounding ISM. Still, their impact becomes even more relevant once they leave the main sequence. They turn unstable and progressively lose a significant fraction […]

MONOS: Multiplicity of Northern O-type Spectroscopic Systems

One of the key pillars in our understanding of the chemical (Matteucci 2012) and dynamical evolution of galaxies is our knowledge about massive stars (Massey 2003), and the O-type stars (M ZAMS ⇠ 15/20 60/80 M ) in particular. Massive stars play a crucial role in shaping their environment due to their thrilling short lives […]