Study of water, its changes in state, aqueous interfaces and hydrothermal conditions under certain planetary conditions

Supervisor: Marta Ruiz Bermejo

I did my degree in chemistry at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. I studied my last year in Poland (Erasmus+). My final project of the degree (TFG) was in organometallic chemistry: palladium and platinum metalloporphyrins; as possible compounds for anticancer treatment. It was in the Wroclawski Uniwersytet, Wroclaw, under the supervision of Ewa Dudziak and Lechoslaw Latos-Grazynski. Then I did my MSc, in organic chemistry at UCM, UAM and USC, where I carried out my TFM at the CSIC-CIB, in the laboratory of Professor Ana Martínez. The work consisted in the synthesis of heterocycles with potential inhibitory activity of LRRK2 / PARK8 for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. After completing the MSc, I continued for a year working in the group, in the same line of research and in other parallel lines (docking studies and biological evaluation). Once I finished in this center, I started to work in a private agri-food company, Setna Nutrition (ADM), where I carried out NIR and HPLC tests (among others…).

In addition, I worked for about a year as a subject preparer for the degree in chemistry (organic chemistry I and II), until I started as a predoctoral student at the CAB, in the department of Molecular Evolution, in Prebiotic Chemistry.


Palabras clavePrebiotic chemistry, DAMN, cyanide polymers


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