Physics degree (Astrophysics) in 1995 at the “Universidad Complutense de Madrid” (UCM), PhD in 2001 at the UCM with the research developed at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (Cambridge, MA, USA) with a SAO predoc fellowship. Marie Curie Fellow at the Osservatorio Astronomico di Palermo (Italia, 2001), ESA Research Fellow at ESTEC (Netherlands, 2004), Ramón y Cajal contract at LAEFF (INTA, 2006), later integrated into the Centro de Astrobiología. Científico Titular de OPI” since 2012, “Investigador Científico de OPI” since 2016.

Research career focused on stellar physics and the relation between stars and exoplanets. Expert in Stellar Coronae (X-rays, Extreme Ultraviolet, UV), and stellar activity. Currently focused on the influence of high energy stellar irradiation on exoplanet atmospheres.

More than 80 refereed publications (up to 2020) using data from XMM-Newton, Chandra, HST, EUVE, and several ground-based optical telescopes. PI of 5 national research projects Current open collaborations with researchers in USA, Italy, Germany, France, etc, within international consortia such as CARMENES or PanCET, focused on exoplanets research.

ORCID: 0000-0002-1600-7835

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Key wordsExoplanets, stellar coronae, stellar activity, X-rays