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Coordinación de la línea: Enrique Solano Márquez

The Data Archive Unit at CAB ( has a long experience in the development and operation of astronomical archives. Already in 1998 LAEFF was selected to host INES, the archive and data distribution system of the IUE satellite. The Data Archive Unit is also the core of the Spanish Virtual Observatory (SVO,, a project that is part of the International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA http:/ / since June 2004 and that coordinates the VO initiatives at national level and acts as a contact point for the international VO projects. The basic objective of the Virtual Observatory (VO, according to its acronym in English) is to ensure an easy and efficient access and analysis of the existing information in astronomical data centers.

The Spanish Virtual Observatory plays a leading role at international level in this field, particularly in the definition of access protocols to theoretical models and in the development of data models for photometry and asteroseismology datasets. It is our goal to continue working in these fields in order to produce the final versions of these standards.

d) Development of analysis tools and data mining:

The volume of information in the astronomical archives (about 1 Petabyte) requires the development of new methodologies and analysis tools. In this scenario, data mining techniques play a fundamental role. Projects on supervised / unsupervised classification in missions like Gaia will be our main objectives in this line of work.

e) Educational and Outreach Activities:

The Virtual Observatory offers a huge potential in the context of education and outreach activities (participation in masters, development of educational material, citizen science projects, collaborations with amateur astronomers, ...). It is our goal to further enhance this type of initiatives that have ben so well received by the society in the last years.
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