Alonso Hernández, Jaime

PhD student

Thesis: “Binariety in AGB stars: impact on nebular physics and chemistry”.

Supervisors: Carmen Sánchez Contreras y Jorge Sanz Forcada

PhD student in astrophysics with experience in the analysis of X-ray astrophysics observations and development of scientific software. I have previously worked on the study of accretion system (X-ray pulsars and AGN). I am currently studying the effects of binariety in the composition and the behavior of AGB stars, specifically in a sample of AGB stars which show emission excesses in the ultraviolet and X-ray using observations in millimeter and submillimeter wavelengths as well as ultraviolet and X-ray.

Key wordsX-ray astrophysics, circumstellar envelopes, AGB, astrochemistry, molecular astophysics.



Genesis of planetary nebulae: winds, mass loss and jet emission